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2002- was a special year: Lion Ltd was found. Since then we, reacting on a changing market situation, changed a few directions in business. And finally, in 2005 the basic type of activity was become by Export of hard fuel to the markets of Europe. This type of fuel is ecologically a clean thermal energy source.

A company Lion Ltd is not only the producer of Fuel Briquettes but also large supplier of Firewoods, both for the Fireplace and Kindling wood, Pellets and Charcoal, and also engaged in making and editing of lines on the production of fuel briquettes.
We attained noticeable successes in a production and advancement of high-quality products, and as a result, a good reputation by our clients.
Lion Ltd – has been able to guarantee customers great efficiency, high flexibility and serious handling because of their ideal location (almost in the center of Ukraine).
Collective joined, highly skilled and energetic – there is motive force and mortgage of success of our company.
Well-consolidated, highly skilled and energetic – there is driving power and recipe for success of our company.

An amount of employees (taking into account busy on a production) is 20 persons

The cleanest environmentally warmest fuel available today!

Director – Skiba Vladislav

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Lion Ltd
53 Keletckaya st. office 232
21027, Vinnitsa

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Phones: +38 0432 523-438
Fax: +38 0432 523-437
Site: www.lion-ltd.com
E-mail: lion.ltd.export@gmail.com
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